Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

As always, Mother's Day was somewhat hijacked by fine arts but that's ok. John got home at about 4:00 this morning and he still found time somehow to get 3 red roses and put them in a vase on the bar for me this morning. We went to church and afterwards to lunch at Henry's Diner - not our favorite place but it's good and we had a gift certificate we had never used. We came home to enjoy the rest of the day since there is no service tonight. John is now asleep on the couch (where he will probably be for quite some time since he is so sleep deprived right now) and the kids are watching Mickey Mouse and eating grapes in their tent. Exciting, I know.

John David shared with me the picture book he made for me and it made my heart so happy. He had worked very hard on it and he was so proud to give it to me. The pictures he drew were so good and I told him I would put it with all my "treasures".

A little later Julia came and snuggled beside me on the bed. She nuzzled into my neck as she kissed me and told me happy mother's day. My heart melted.

So, although not too exciting of a day, it is a wonderful, relaxing, special day. I love my babies and I love my man and all of them are here with me. I'm a happy momma.......

(And I guess I should mention that our teenagers did great at fine arts. Our top team advanced to nationals with their human video and 2 of our girls who wrote short stories also advanced. Some other things were close but didn't quite make it for various reasons. John does think that perhaps he has "cracked the code" for what it takes to win or get merit round in our district. I'll guess we'll see if he's right when fine arts rolls around next year!)

Oh, and I have to say Happy Mother's Day to both my mom and John's mom. We love you both and are so incredibly thankful for all you have done for us, given us, taught us, and protected us from. Your strength and your love helped make us into the wonderful and perfect people we are today. (haha - just kidding!) But really, our awesome moms made all the difference in our lives! We love you!!!

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