Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Near Miss with a Royal Ripoff

We picked up our van today from the shop - Rudy's Automotive downtown. We had to get the a/c fixed. While it was there, I asked if they could look at the automatic sliding doors which are quite the opposite of automatic these days - they are stuck. The driver side one hasn't worked in a really long time. (Try arranging 3 carseats when only ONE of your doors work SOME of the time - ha!) I had previously spoken to the Ford dealership and they wanted $300 PER door just to see what was wrong. That wasn't even to fix it! Well, lo and behold, my man Rudy fixed both doors for $20. The locks needed to be lubricated. The door motor is fine. Tomorrow I will be giving my newly madeover van a good cleaning and an oil change. Woohoo! I am happy.....

(as happy as one can be after spending $420 on the air conditioning)

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