Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Have To Brag

We're back in town but I only have time for a quick post right now. I'll do more next week. I just had to take a moment to brag on my man! When I pulled into the driveway yesterday, I immediately noticed the freshly mowed lawn. Inside the house, the sweet smell of clean met me at the door. The bed was made (even with the throw pillows!), the laundry all picked up, the dishes washed, the trash taken out, and the dog fed. Whoa! It was incredible! It's taken almost 8 years but I think he's almost trained. Just kidding.....He is such a great husband and father. I tease him all the time that he tricked me into marrying him, but secretly, I'm glad. =) I love you, John Clays!!!

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