Friday, September 26, 2008

Miss Sneaky McSneaky Pants

It's no secret that Julia LOVES sweets and candy. We let her have some in moderation, but if it was up to her, she would eat nothing BUT sweet stuff.

This morning, I was about to make her bed when I noticed something poking out from under the quilt. Hmmm....what's that?

Breakfast in bed, apparently! I thought she looked mischievous when I walked into her room this morning. Now I know why!

Then there was this under the piano. I don't even know what to say....


  1. Hahahaha!! The sucker jar is BEHIND the piano pedals so they're hidden!! Hahahahahaha . . . .

  2. good hiding spots huh? have you checked the closet?

  3. at least the dentist will have some job security... ;p