Saturday, September 27, 2008

Moments To Hang On To

I have a lot to get done tonight, but I just didn't care when it was the kids' bedtime. It was their time. John David read quite a long story to us while Julia combed my hair some. When the story was over we all laid on the floor on our sides and scratched each others' backs. Then we rolled the other way and scratched some more. All of my babies love to be scratched! After that, John David was a horse for Julia and Aulora. This was no ordinary horse though - it was a bucking horse! Aulora kept slapping his behind saying "Yeehaw, Bubba!" Then he ran around the room giving Aulora a piggy back ride while Julia and I cuddled close and sang to each other. Dog piling was next. We were so squished together and then Aulora came and sat on top of Little and jumped up and down on him. We were laughing so hard!

It was all lots of fun for sure, but then I had to calm them down to go to sleep. That took a few minutes, but it was worth it. Man, I love those kids!

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