Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yep, She's Two

Aulora has hit her "terrible two's" running. I hardly know what to do since she's always been so easy going and compliant. Her vocabulary is increasing every day. She can now say:
  • Stop it!
  • That's mine!
  • I want it!
  • Go away!
  • Quit it!
  • I don't like it!
  • Give it to me!
Doesn't she just sound like a little doll? You pull her string and get one of those sweet little sayings - "Go away! I don't like it!"

She's still teething (when does it ever end???) and we're still trying to beat strep throat - which means two rounds of forced medicine taking a day - she took it fine until she had her birthday. Seriously.

There are still plenty of precious moments and sweet love (she's such a cuddler!), but my little baby is not so little anymore. She's got huge personality and is now quite opinionated. Sigh.

I got a glimpse of her today as her little class filed into their room for lunch time. She looked so big walking in the line! Goodness!

I can still honestly say that to know her is to know pure sweetness. It kind of makes you forget all the rotten stuff that (surely) she'll soon grow out of.

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