Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Good Bye

I had to watch Clay, Sandy, and Julia pull out of the drive way this morning and head to Tulsa. Clay starts his new job right away and Sandy will be getting their new house ready. She and Julia come back on Friday, but it was still sad.

It's been a long 11 months living all together, but it has been a really great 11 months too. Nothing like living with family to grow closer to them! We lived the last 7 or so years without any family around so I know we can do it, but now we've been spoiled. I don't want to do it again! Whah whah whah.

Sandy's not officially gone yet so I'm not going to be sad about her yet, but Clay is gone. He now lives in another state and I'm sad. We have a lot in common and sometimes he was the only person who kept me sane! I'm going to miss his teasing and dry humor, the way he never let me help clean up after dinner, and really how he took care of us. If I had a busy day or was tired, he would bring home dinner from wherever we wanted. He spoiled me bad, I'm afraid.

I'm going to miss him. He's a wonderful man....

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