Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dinner's Ready!

It's kind of scary buying an older house. Not that ours is ancient, but it was built in the 50's. That's old, right?

Here's old for you: We were given copies of the homeowner's agreement a few weeks after buying the place. Our realtor dropped them by and one evening, when I had time, I read through them. I'm kind of thinking that the two men responsible for drawing up these things are no longer around. Do you know that, according to these papers, black people are not allowed anywhere near our neighborhood? Times have changed!

We paid for a home inspection before buying of course and I guess I thought all inspectors were as picky (and that's a very nice word) as the inspector we had when we sold our house in The Falls. We've since learned that man was over the top, unnecessarily picky (and annoying).

Our inspector here? Not so much.

As a result, there have been a number of little things we've learned since living here. No deal breakers, just annoying little things.

Now with a house this old, I got to wondering if indeed our yellowed smoke detectors worked. Well, let me tell you. Friends, I cook at home every night and, well, we don't need a dinner bell for this big old, three floored house.

When dinner comes out of the oven you know it.

I think the neighbors know it too.

Smoke detectors. They can double as a dinner bell.

Who knew?

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  1. haha. That was the case in our three year old house in Paulann too. If you figure out how to stop it, you are a better woman than I.