Thursday, September 03, 2009

This Inventor Deserves The Nobel Prize!!!

I totally forgot to post about the new grocery store I found! It's not actually a new store, just new to me. There has never been another grocery store that I've considered shopping at regularly other than Walmart (mainly just because of prices), but I think I've discovered something here!

The store is called Meijer and it's very, very similar to Walmart except:

1) it's not nearly as crowded!
2) they seem to be somewhere in between Walmart and Target when it comes to things like housewares and clothes
3) they have one of those horses your kids can ride for only a penny (hey, it's the small stuff!)

And here's the big one..............

4) they have special baskets you can pay a dollar to use that have a "car" in the front for your kids to be buckled into and there in front of them is a little tv that plays cartoons for them while you shop! No lie! Do you even know how helpful that is when you are shopping with a one year AND a two year old??? Sweetness!

I really loved this new store! It totally beats Aldi and their ridiculous have-to-pay-a-quarter-to-use-them baskets. Has anyone else seen these baskets anywhere? Why aren't these everywhere???


  1. We had Aldi's in IL - I DID NOT care for at all! Enjoy your "new" store!!! Have fun in your new location this winter! I do not envy you at all.

  2. So jealous of the tv's in the shopping carts. Miss you!