Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Aulora!

We've loved you since you were being formed.

And then we met you and loved you even more:

Before we knew it you were turning one!

And then two!
(Somebody has sleepy nap time eyes in this picture from school!)

And today you turned three!

I really mean it when I sing the words, "You are my sunshine!" My days are crammed with hugs and kisses and smiles from you. You, little girl, are sweet to the core and I will always love you. I love watching you play with your doll house and taking care of all your babies. I love how you care for your brother and how you follow Jupie around. It makes me smile to watch you snuggle with your Bubba. I melt when you run to Daddy's arms. When you ask for one more song at night, how can I say no? When I ask you to come here and you respond, "Why? What're you gonna do with me?" - well, that's just stinkin' cute!

Monster, Boo, BooBoo, Baby Girl, Pappy the Puppy - no matter the name, you are my precious girl! Forever and ever and ever!

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