Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My apologies to our fellow citizens......

I'm seriously thinking that by now, most people in our new town have seen us.

They've heard us.

They've laughed at us.

They've smelled us.

They've witnessed trails we've left behind us. (I will leave to your imagination what kind of trails.)

They've experienced US.

Oh yeah, baby. We're here!

For instance, yesterday I had a few minutes to kill before picking up the big kids from school and I had really wanted to try out a grocery store called Aldi.

With two little ones in tow, I walked up to the store to get a basket. Uhmmmm, they were chained and locked together. I fumbled around trying to figure it out for a minute and then asked a lady who was coming out.

Turns out, you have to insert a quarter into the little lock in order to use their basket. Of course, I'm me and it would be way too easy if I had a quarter. So I decided to just carry Joshua and have Aulora walk. I had no plan for whatever groceries I might buy.

I'm sure we were a sight in that store. I juggled two children and an armful of groceries. And guess what else? They don't have shopping bags. Bea-u-ti-ful!

Our second showing was at the park last night. I'm married to quite the terrorist it seems. All the little kids l-o-v-e the merry-go-round and they piled on when they saw a daddy was going to push it.

Y'all, the first time he did it I had to run over and make him stop because a little girl was terrified and crying. Of course, she ran over to her mom and I had to wonder what she might be saying.

Not much later I look over and he's doing it AGAIN. This time Julia is about to fall off and she's hanging on with just one little arm and about to be dragged to her death. (No, I'm not exaggerating at all, in case John tells you I am.) Another little boy was screaming and crying and again, I had to make him stop the stupid thing.

We left the park pretty quickly after that and I have banned him from all future merry-go-round pushing. I'm fairly certain that his picture is already posted all over the park trees by now anyway.

Wow. We live an exciting life......


  1. haha. Aldi's it is cheap, but I remember what a pain it is too. Once you know the system it can be worth it if you buy in bulk. When I shopped there they charged a nickel for paper and a dime for plastic. I picked paper and my groceries busted through the bag on one trip. This brings back memories.

    By the by, in the winter, when the snow storms come. Carry a lighter for your key. Sometimes the key holes freeze up.