Monday, September 14, 2009

Teacher Birthday Ideas

At the PTF meeting a week ago I signed up to be in charge of celebrating teacher birthdays and doing the teacher appreciation stuff. I received the birthday list on Friday and there's a birthday this Thursday!

Does anyone have ideas? I'm probably going to call the school's secretary in a little bit to find out some favorite things. I'd like to include students, but I'm not sure there's enough time for this one. It also seems that this first birthday will set the precedent so I need to do it right. Not too big, not too small. Sweet, thoughtful, useful, fun, budget friendly. You know.



  1. i'm not sure what you could do as far as the actual "celebration" goes if you're trying to plan that, but as a teacher nothing was better for me than a gift card to my favorite store and lunch from somewhere other than the cafeteria! simple, cheap and greatly appreciated! :) they'll love anything you do for them and i'm sure you'll have amazing ideas on your own.

    btw, thanks so much for all of th encouragement and advice on motherhood. you're the best!

  2. We just do a simple handmade card with a thoughtful note. What is your budget and how many teachers do you have?

  3. I've not been made aware of any budget for the birthdays, although I know there is one for teacher appreciation week. There are also only about 7 birthdays to celebrate.

    I thought and thought about it yesterday and came up with this: Send home a balloon that is clipped with a colorful spray painted clothes pin on to a note with directions. The directions will say to blow up the balloon at home and decorate it or write birthday wishes on it. Then when they come to school on the birthday, they can use the clothes pin to attach it to some twine that I will put around the teacher's doorway.

    I also plan to make her a lemon pie, her favorite.


  4. this site is a life save for planing tips :)

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