Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Mom, Bad Mom

Yesterday evening, all the kids were playing in the den while I did some housework. John David was suddenly hollering my name in a slight panic, so I ran to where they were, my mind busily running through a multitude of scenarios.

I had not considered what awaited me. At all.

There was Joshua, sitting on the hearth of the big fireplace, covered from head to toe in soot and ashes. Oh, for a picture!

I think he was very content, playing with this new found medium, until he tried tasting it. That's apparently where he drew the line.

I was frozen just staring at him trying to figure out what to do next. He was filthy! Currently, the only bathtub we have is out of commission (it's the next remodeling project! yea!), so baths have been happening in the big kitchen sink for the babies. BUT, the big kitchen sink was still filled with the crusty pot from dinner last night (hey, back off - it was soaking) and all the dishes from the dinner the kids has just eaten.

So with one hand I held him (getting my own clothes filthy in the process) and with the other hand I cleared out the sink. After a good, long scrubbing, he was finally kissable and squeezable again.

My question to you.....

Was I a bad mom for letting that happen in the first place?


Was I a good mom for handling it so cool?

I'm definitely leaning towards good mom. Don't you agree???

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  1. Good mom for sure! Dh thinks I'm too slow to react sometimes when really I'm evaluating the situation to figure out how to handle it.