Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Another Fun Shopping Trip

Yesterday I headed to the granite and cabinet store as soon as I left work. I had both Aulora and Joshua with me so I knew I was in for some fun! This was just something that really needed to be done though and so I was determined to go.

Aulora didn't want to stay in the basket seat (what's new) so I was trying to juggle her and the papers I was working with to write down numbers and colors and stuff. She waited until I was in the middle of an important conversation with the manager of the store to start pointing in my nose saying, "Boogies! You got boogies!"

I tried to divert her attention and ask her if she had boogies in her nose, but to my embarrassment she continued to point at my nose and insist that mommy had boogies.

It was hard to concentrate on what the man was telling me about counter tops because I kept imagining what horrible "boogies" might be hanging out of my nose.

Who taught this child to talk?!?!?

Fast forward to the end of this shopping trip and you have:
  • a very cabinet and granite informed momma
  • two salesmen needing some advil
  • a store full of very amused shoppers
  • two happy babies
  • a very tired momma who ended up carrying both babies at once and bouncing with them all the way out to the car to keep them from crying
Sometimes you just have to get something done though. I may get things done slower because I've got kids, but I will get it done.

By the way, there were no boogies. Trust me - I checked as soon as I got in the car! hahaha!

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  1. Who taught this child to talk??? I love this question.
    Probably you, John David probably taught her about the boogies though. :)