Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Buckskins? Tunics? Naked?

John David is supposed to answer the question "What would a boy or girl from the Apache tribe wear?" for a school project he is doing. We have no trouble finding the answer for what an adult would wear, but a child? Even wikipedia proved to be no help. (Oh wikipedia, how you've failed me!)

I absolutely can't squeeze in a trip to the downtown library right now (it's freezing cold, four kids, busy trying to move, yadda, yadda, yadda, same ol', same ol'), so the internet is all we have to go on. The internet and YOU! =)

I wonder if we should just give the description of what the adults wore:

" Originally Apache women wore buckskin dresses and the men wore leather war shirts and breechcloths. In the 1800's, many Apache men began to wear white cotton tunics and pants, which they adopted from the Mexicans, and many Apache women wore calico skirts and dresses. The Apaches wore mocassins or high moccasin boots on their feet. An Apache lady's dress or warrior's shirt was often fringed and beaded for decoration."

John says the kids probably ran around naked. That would cause a problem though since part of the project is drawing a picture of a boy or girl standing beside their dwelling. Ha! Wouldn't that be funny! I'm pretty sure his teacher would not be amused as she's a pretty no-nonsense kind of gal. (I do love her though!)

Any Apache experts out there?

(This post reminds me of a funny story about John when he was little. I think he was about Julia's age or so when he drew a bunch of pictures during church and then tried selling them afterwards. He was a pretty decent artist so you can imagine the reaction he got when people saw what he had drawn - a side view of an indian wearing only a breechcloth! And I think there was a breeze blowing that breechcloth around!!! John's mom still has that picture somewhere. Maybe one day I'll get to scan it in and post it for your viewing pleasure.....)


  1. Yeah, you're going to have to get a copy of that indian picture for us.

  2. Text ChaCha! I work for ChaCha, and you just text the numbers to chacha; 242242! They find the answers to whatever question you text along with a source. good luck! :)