Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where did La go? Oh, she crawled into a hole and died.....

I thought this story would be a better closing for the year instead of my last post. One for the road, if you will. Enjoy....

The week before Christmas was probably one of the most stress filled weeks I've ever had in my life. Too bad children don't understand stress and adjust their needs accordingly. Too bad.

Thursday night I was trying to do a million things, one of them being helping John David finish all his homework and do all his math flashcards. It really wasn't a big deal since he's a smart guy and he knows them well, but his silliness was getting in the way. I told him a few times to focus so we could get the job done. He persisted though and gave a booming loud, spit filled answer right in my face. Nice.

Under normal circumstances I would have swiftly taken his little rear into the bedroom for some discipline, but these were not normal circumstances. I was highly stressed and severely sleep deprived. So I did what any other mom would have done. I grabbed his newly built lego creation that he had spent the whole evening working on and I hurled it across the room. (Shameful, I know.)

He immediately burst into tears as I covered my shocked face in horror at my own actions. I gathered him in my arms and we both apologized to each other. We cleaned up the mess together and then finished the flash cards. It was done.

I thought.

Fast forward to his class Christmas party the next afternoon. I got there a few minutes early to set up (remember, I was "Marge"?) and the students were all working on their last work sheet of the year. John David decided it was an ideal time to make an announcement to all his friends and his teacher too. (Clearly, the child has judgment problems.)

In my mind I saw myself lunging at him across the room to stuff his mouth full of pink erasers and pencil shavings - anything to keep him from sharing this bit of dirty laundry. But before I could execute any plan, he was happily shaming me. "Hey everyone, guess what my mom did? She got so angry at me last night that she threw my legos across the room and broke it into a million pieces! Hahahahahaha!"

What could I do? I discreetly glared at him and hid my face from the curious glances of his teacher. I think all his friends were scared of me. They got over it as soon as I started the Chipmunk Christmas album though. I'm cool that way.

In retrospect, I probably should have just said, "Yep, that's what happens when you spit in my face kids." I'm not that cool though. I'm working on it.......


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! John David must have been so proud of his story. I remember doing things like that to my mom though.. and I'm certain little lila will be doing them to me soon..

  2. Oh my. That is quite a story! I've been in similar fixes. :)

  3. Hi la! Ive been out of it for a while! Wow that sounds like me here lately. Im not alone....

  4. LOL... don't you just love kid's perfect words and timing... never fails for an embarrassing moment.

  5. ...out of the mouth of babes...

    btw: i'm not laughing at you, but with you. ;D

    u r soooo gracious though. i, however, would've just eaten him alive, right there on the spot! (mothers in the wild eat their own young...) plus, u have another boy, so it would've been ok. lol