Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm Large and In Charge

Hopefully mostly in charge, but if the shoe fits.....

I'm in charge of John David's class Christmas party. It will last about one hour and there will be games, crafts, food, or whatever else I want to plan. I have a list of parents who will help so I'm not on my own. John David is more than excited about this and tonight he said that I could be the queen and he could be the king of the party. hahaha, what a funny boy.

On to the point of the post - I'm looking for ideas. So gimme, gimme, gimme!


  1. Hi! I am Bacamama's niece. I am head room parent in my son's class (8yrs old). We are having powdered sugar donuts (snow balls) and hot cocoa. We are going to play a game called "sparkle". They stand in a circle, we draw out a Christmas themed word. One person starts and says the first letter, second child, second letter and at the end of the word the last child says "sparkle" and unfortunately they sit down. Keep going until you have a winner. This is a game they play with their spelling words and love it, so by doing Christmas words, I know they will like it plus it will be a learning game too. Oh, and they are all taking home treat bags of candy, and I have a cut out ornament with their picutre on it. Hope I helped somewhat! I enjoy reading your blog!