Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quickie From Colorado

We're still with my family in the Denver area. We arrived last Sunday night after a 2 hour drive plus 2 flights. John booked our flight with exactly two objectives - get a bunch of mileage points with American Airlines so he can go platinum and get the cheapest fare. This resulted in a weird route and awful schedule for babies. We got here though!

We celebrated Christmas early with John's family and then packed up our stuff and moved it all over to our house. (Yes, I know, I haven't even posted "after" pictures of the Piece yet. Patience dear friends.) Before we could even finish moving all of our things, John's parents' packers and movers arrived! It was crazy. When we get back home, they will be gone (sniff sniff - for those of you who think I might be sarcastically sniffing just because these are my in-laws, you would be wrong. I'm going to miss them a lot!) and I will have a whole house to get in order with four kids under feet. That should lend itself to a number of blog posts right there.....except that I won't have internet right away, I don't think. We haven't set up any phone, cable, or internet yet so we'll be living in the dark ages for awhile. That might be kind of nice, at least until Lost starts back up and then I'll be a crazy woman if my cable is not on!

Santa brought me the Nikon camera I've been dreaming of for so long and I'm finally able to capture the pictures that have been in my head. Once we're home and internet is up, I'll have quite the picture post, I'm sure!

Santa also brought me some really cool boots that I can't wait to wear. I need some skinny jeans because my big bootcut ones are too big to tuck in. These boots are made by Crocs though - am I the only one who didn't know that Crocs aren't just the one kind of shoe? They make all kinds of awesome shoes! These are some super nice ones, let me tell you. John got a pair of Crocs too (no, his are not boots into which he tucks his skinny jeans!) and he LOVES them. He said they are so comfortable. But then yesterday, he and I went to get pedicures. When he put his crocs on afterwards he said it was like walking in the clouds. I wonder how many women have gotten a pedicure with their husband? Kind of fun. Tomorrow we'll go get massages together. Yes, it's a hard life here in the mountains.

I'm pretty sure that this post is not living up to its name so I should wrap things up. It's been a wonderful, albeit different, Christmas. I hope everyone else had a fantabulous week too. When we're up and running at home, I'll get to posting frequently again. This might be it for awhile though. Until next year.......

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  1. I wear my boots all the time. You will adore yours. So cozy, but you are right about the skinny jeans. I only have one pair and the rest of the time I wear leggings with them.