Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Slothly Shopping

Actually, I think it's just plain smart shopping. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping and I haven't gone inside even one store! Woohoo! Amazon has been my friend this year! I even signed up for a free one month trial of Amazon prime so I could get free shipping that was even faster than what I would have paid for. My stuff starts coming in 2 days! =)

The really cool part (although I'm not sure it gets cooler than NOT going through the mall with a double stroller plus a 5 year old for hours on end), is that I bought some really cool things for the kids that I don't think I would have gotten otherwise like this super cool educational game called Wild Planet Hyper Dash:

and this magnetic toy that is the greatest I've seen in all my years of raising a boy:

and a number of these drawing books for Julia:

Of course I had to get something for myself (well, technically this is for the kids if you think about it):

And then I noticed this cd:

and realized that I never bought it when it came out! And I got it for only$2.40! I LOVE Hillsong kid music!

These digital bookmark timers are so great that I bought one for each of the older kids. We can use them for recording John David's school reading time or we can set it for a certain amount of game time or whatever else we want to do! I can't wait to get these!

Please hurry, Mr. Mailman! I love mail!


  1. Amazon has been my friend this year, too. I'll have to do a similar post after church tonight! ;-)

  2. Those are some of the coolest gifts I've ever seen! I love That's where I did ALL of my shopping last year.

  3. Those are some great gifts! You are so good with your shopping so early and the fact that you did not even have to enter a store is even better!

    I think Micah would like the magnetic toy! LOL!

    Amazon is so great!

    Happy Shopping!!

  4. thanks for the pics... tj wants the magnetic thing for his birthday now! lol