Monday, January 11, 2010

And So It Begins…..

All of the catch up, that is. I got a new laptop for Christmas (I can’t tell you how excited I am about that – and how needed it was!), but I told John yesterday that getting a new computer is like moving. All my files, programs, pictures – they have to move. And I’m having to learn how to do things differently now. For all the frustration my old dino computer gave me, we had a pretty good working relationship. We were organized. We knew each other.

And this new, beautiful thing I have…..well, we’re still getting to know each other. Which means I’m kind of slow. What I know from this morning is that there HAS to be a better way of downloading and organizing my pictures than what I just went through. Seriously.

How about I leave you with a few images for now until I can put together some posts later on today?

Here’s John David using the snow blower after our first significant snowfall back in December. This amount is “cute” now.


Joshua has learned to take off his pajamas and climb out of his bed. We are also dealing with him not taking naps currently. I’ve even foiled (GASP!) his windows to make his room darker in the hopes of improving napping conditions. It worked once.  002

Julia looks totally adorable in her snowsuit. (I’ll take this opportunity to shout out a big THANKS to the grandmas who bought all the various things she has on. Yea for grandmas! And yea for big sales at Kohl’s too!)267

And of course I have all the Christmas pictures to post. This year we traveled all the way down to the Tulsa area where we spent two weeks with John’s side of the family.


We were looking forward to some warmer weather and no snow……Oh well……… 211


  1. We did - new to us anyway. It's a 2006 Jeep Commander and it has four wheel drive which is nice up here. John's truck just wasn't going to cut it during the winter months. The next new car is mine! =)