Friday, January 22, 2010

You Can Thank My New Scanner

I got an awesome wireless printer/scanner/copier for Christmas and I LOVE it! Our last printer was so slow and it was just a printer - so old school, right?

In the interest of learning how to scan something, I grabbed a few old photos (I really don't have too many since we've had a digital camera for most of our married life).

This is me when I was 8 and my little brother when he was 3.

Here I am in the third grade, still 8 years old. This was my school picture and I will never forget how my mom put that silly pig pin on my dress. And don't you just love my glasses?

And it gets better. This is me in the fifth grade. Yes, I was cool because I wore a denim vest and played the saxophone. Mostly because I wore a denim vest though. By this point I had made the transition to doing my hair by myself ( I dread this stage with my girls!) and I had graduated to some slightly less horrific glasses. I'm not sure why I wore my glasses in my pictures. I know I looked for every opportunity to take them off until I reached sixth grade and got contacts.
I plan to scan many more pictures in the near future.
Lucky you......


  1. I feel old. I have similar pictures and everything is SO outdated it makes me feel old. And I believe I'm a few years older than you.