Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Getting Out of Bed on School Mornings

School mornings come early around here. It's so dark and sooo cold outside that pulling back the big down comforter and putting your bare feet on the frigid wood floor is just short of torture. The kids apparently agree (as demonstrated by their oh so convincing "I don't want/need to go to school today" pleas every morning).

When I go into John David's room to wake him up he usually moans something along the lines of, "Ohhhhh, not again!" I "gently" remind him, "Son, morning comes everyday.

Julia is especially hard to get up since she sleeps on the top of a bunk bed that has big side rails. We also have to keep the ladder put away (one word: Joshua) so I can't exactly get to her. If she doesn't want to get up (which is pretty much every morning), she just scoots to the side of the bed that's against the wall and pulls the covers over her head. A few days ago I started stroking her and telling her good morning and she sat up quickly, looked around and, in the most disgusted voice ever, said, "Are you kidding me??? It's morning already? Ughhhhhh!" Of course, she immediately laid back down and pulled the covers over her.

Today, John David's room was especially cold for some reason so I crawled under the blankets to snuggle with him and wake him up. I asked him if he could wake up and go anywhere he wanted, where would he go? He only thought for a moment before answering, "Colorado", so he could visit Grandmamma and Dodie (my parents). So sweet.

On to Julia's room next. My little question had helped John David wake up easily enough so I decided to try it on Julia too. "Julia, if you could wake up today and go anywhere you wanted, where would you go?"

That child didn't skip a beat. "Back to bed," she said.......

And then pulled the covers back over her head.

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  1. Back to bed... that is so funny. You should hear me laughing. How clever of her!