Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marriage Lessons

Today after church, we headed to our favorite Sunday lunch place (it's quick, affordable, and has pizza - doesn't get much better than that). I checked my face in the mirror of the car to make sure I hadn't developed a huge pimple or anything else that might need attention. I was glad I checked. I had raccoon eyes. Yes, indeedy.

My husband, who had been sitting with me all during church and walked to the car with me afterwards and then drove in the car with me hadn't thought to mention it. He said he figured that at some point I would probably glance in a mirror and notice it. Really? Thanks, Baby.

I'm not sure how many male readers I have, but let me just say that this wasn't the right move.

Something else you men may want to consider is that when your wife/girlfriend shares with you her plans to lose weight, you might not want to suggest any goals. That also would not be a smart thing to do.

While I'm talking to men, let me also just mention that if you are in a public place and you run into some female aquaintances of yours, please do introduce your wife. It really is the socially correct thing to do. (Versus having a conversation with the friends while your woman stands awkwardly to the side.) This social rule is even more important when the friends are good looking blondes. Trust me, guys.

Lest you think that I have a horrible husband, let me be the first to say that he is a fabulous man. Sweet and innocent as could be in every one of these situations. I think he has learned some valuable things though.

Come to think of it, so have I.

Don't count on a man to let you know of any blarring hair, makeup, or clothing imperfections.

Don't discuss weight loss goals with your man. They might try to hold you to it.

If your husband has pretty female friends, jump right in there and introduce yourself as the wife and the mother of all his many children. And then give them crazy eyes or something so they know to back on up and stay away from your man.....Then strongly consider revisiting the whole weight loss plan.

Sundays are such good days for reflection.....

(Love you, Baby!)


  1. that...was...HYSTERICAL! how funny! i just read it and then read it outloud to landon and my dad. very good.

  2. eeee. the diet thing gets me. for some reason, my husband feels incredibly compelled to give me weight loss advice, and it gets me all huffy. i'll ask google, man!

  3. Great post! Totally laughed out loud. :) Hilarious...

  4. If this was facebook. I would have just clicked the like button! :) P.S. love the new layout.