Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Third Grade Drama

I guess you can see from the date on the paper below that this happened back in October, but now that I have a scanner I just had to post this.

It's a little hard to read since it was written in pencil, but it's just so darn cute and third grade-ish! I found this on a clipboard and I knew right away that it was the same paper I had seen John David hunkered over a little earlier. At the time, he was madly "in like" with a girl named Caris in his class. Kyler, another girl, was going to help him in his attempts to woo her. As fate would have it, he is now "arch enemies" with Caris and head over heels for Kyler. =)

Then we have this paper which is much more recent. The back story is that a 4th grade girl had been chasing John David and Braeden all during recess. So the two boys decided they would leave the following note on her coat hook.

Too bad she took the note home and her parents saw it. They took it seriously (which I can assure you - it wasn't anything serious!) and the boys went to the principal's office. A warning note was sent home and we had the obligatory talk with John David explaining why you can't write notes like that. Then we sent him to bed and had a good laugh.....


  1. Can I just say that I am extremely happy that your son used the correct "you're?"

    Most college kids can't even do that.