Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John David and the Snow

My boys love to play outside. Snowball fights are prime entertainment around here and anyone who goes outside is fair game. These are old picture and there is currently much more snow out there.


Here’s John David holding his first snowball. He was quite proud. For awhile, it didn’t matter where we were – if he saw snow on the ground, you could bet he was going to pick it up and make a snow ball. I’m happy we’re done with that for the most part.018 There was one day when the boy was quite determined to make a snowman. He started it in the backyard and then decided he wanted me to see what he was doing through the front window. That poor kid rolled the big snow ball all the way from the back to the front (quite a long distance).

124 By then he was pretty tired, but he still wanted to finish. As he was trying to round it out, a big chunk fell off. I wasn’t out there, but I have to wonder if he didn’t say a naughty word under his breath. I think I would have. I was amused to watch him as he decided to have fun another way. What could be more fun than ripping into the bottom half of a snowman? Running starts and all. 126127128130 And that was the end of the snowman. There have been none since. They are the snow-things of which we do not speak……