Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas at Home

We celebrated Christmas at our home the Saturday before Christmas. We didn’t wake up and go straight to the gifts though. We got dressed, ate our traditional Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (orange is the best flavor!), and even did some cleaning. It was kind of a last minute decision to do it the way we did.

Joshua was super cute opening his things. He got a couple of Diego toys and his very own Buzz Lightyear! He reminds me of his daddy when he opens presents. Very serious and thoughtful. I was glad to capture a little smile when he opened his “Rescue Pack”. We already owned the “Backpack” so now he goes around carrying both of them…..

Aulora was so excited to get the Miss Goodbee motor home toy. The child is so in love with all things Miss Goodbee. She and Julia also got matching Baby Alive dolls. These dolls came with a little fairy skirt for the doll and a bigger one for the child. Aulora constantly puts hers on on top of whatever she’s wearing. Real clothes, pajamas, whatever. It’s super adorable.

Julia got her very own Hello Kitty hair dryer (shhhh! Mommy’s been using it too!), her Baby Alive, some clothes, a movie, and a leapster game. She was thrilled about her own things, but was also very excited about everyone else’s things too. What a little mommy she is.

John David was hard pressed to wait for his turn to open things. (Patience is not yet his forte.) He got a great big Star Wars blanket, some books, a Monopoly card game that turned out to be a lot of fun, and some legos. He was also enjoying Joshua’s Buzz Lightyear. We were reminiscing about how much he LOVED all things Buzz when he was little. So far Joshua isn’t quite as impressed, but we’re working on it. I LOVE Toy Story! (Can’t wait for number three in June!!!)

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