Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Best Job

The other day Julia was sitting in my lap stroking my face. For a child who is so strong willed, she is also so tenderhearted and loving.

She asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I smiled and told her I was already grown up. She seemed quite amazed that I was an adult. (What does that mean???)

She wanted to know what my job was. I told her I was a mommy.

"What??? That's your job? No it's not! Really, what's your job?"

I insisted that I was just a mommy. She insisted that just couldn't be.

"What do you do all day? What's your job?"

I resisted reviewing all the many things I do all day, every day and just told her again that I was her mommy. And John David's and Aulora's and Joshua's. And I told her that it was the best job in the whole world.

She smiled and nuzzled against me.

I smiled too because moments like that are exactly what make my job the best there is.


  1. I think it is drilled into them at school that they need a JOB. Other than the thousand jobs we do at home, I mean. :)

    I love my job, too. It *is* the best job in the whole world.