Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Won't You (not) Be....My Neighbor?

I always loved watching Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood when I was little. His little song timed perfectly with the removing of his sweater and shoe change. How did he do that every time? So talented, I tell you.

Anyway, I don't think Mr. Rogers would have been singing happily about neighbors if he was blessed with one of ours. My first encounter with her was before we ever moved in. She came over one day to complain (without even introducing herself first) about where we were parking. I was as friendly as could be and tried to smooth things over, but I think we have the right to park a car in the street in front of our house, do we not? It seems that she is not a good backer-upper though, and so she doesn't want any cars parked where she might hit them as she leaves her driveway. Fair enough.

Well, this lovely lady also has a boyfriend who is a horrible backer-upper. He's hit several parked cars already. (I know this because he admitted it AND because he ran into our carpenter's truck one day. Our carpenter actually sped after him to talk to him - the man didn't even know he had hit someone!) I can't prove who did it, but someone has backed into our yard and broken one of our new sprinkler heads off. If I were a bettin' girl, my money would be on the boyfriend.

John wanted to know if I was going to go over there and talk to the lady. I told him I couldn't prove anything so it wouldn't do much good. I think we should just get those spikey things to line our curb with so if they back up too far again they will get a flat tire. What do you think?


  1. Might work if you place them just to their driveway side of your sprinkler heads. Just be prepared for some fireworks! Or you could do it and tell them that they are there. Might make them be a little more cautious. ;D

  2. I vote for the spikey things. It's your property afterall!

    P.S. I check your Piece blog everyday and cry a little. I can't wait till the new pictures are up!

  3. um...u didn't chk out the neighbors BEFORE u bought the house? that's rule # 15 of buying a house. lol