Saturday, January 17, 2009

Closet Smoker and Giant Bobos here

I miss my man! He's been gone for a little more than two weeks now and he's not due back for three more! He's in Washington D.C. for work and for working at the National Cherokee Indian office. If ever he was going to be there, this is a pretty great time. He's at an inauguration kick-off party tonight and will be going to some more parties next week. There were all kinds of big name people at his thing tonight so he was excited about going.

I can't imagine how couples are separated for long periods of time. I cant tell you how much I just crave a hug so bad!!! At least I have been able to hug and love on our babies. He's there all by himself. :( That's makes me sad for him.

Last night John's parents had John David and Julia (they were in town for a couple of days for Clay's birthday) and there was apparently someone on TV who smoked. They began discussing how that wasn't healthy for that lady.

Julia: My mommy doesn't smoke.
Gran: That's right and she's healthy because she doesn't smoke.
Julia: Yeah, but my daddy smokes. Only on Fridays and Sundays though. And he spits out those ciggy things too.

Everyone in the car was just rolling laughing, except John David who was horrified that his little sister was saying such things about his dad. He was very sure to correct her. And John's grandma, Mimi, was in the car and I hear that the look on her face was quite priceless!

We have no idea where she got this idea, but it sure made for a great laugh! Apparently, spitting out the ciggy things mean using tobacco. Again, I don't know where this came from!

I guess she didn't want to leave me out, because last night she commented that we both had bobos (our word for our behind) and so did Aunt Kara. We all had bobos. "But you have the biggest one. You have the bobo of a giant."

Isn't she a doll? Would anyone like to borrow her?

My giant bobo needs to get up now......


  1. I totally understand. With Hayden being 4, I never know what he's going to say and who he's going to say it to. Always makes me nervous but I usually laugh.

  2. Oh my she IS lovely! That is hilarious. I'm often told by my children how large my rear end is. And seriously, it's not that big. I'm learning to take it with a grain of salt. :)