Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strange New Addiction

I had to get a google map today and in the process I discovered a new feature they have. I can't quit using it! When you enter an address and the map comes up, click where it says "street view". You will be shown a picture of that address! Sometimes the pictures starts down the street a little, but you just move the little person icon down in the lower right hand corner closer to the desired address. You can pan all around and zoom in. The picture of our house in SA had John's old car in front of it. That was just too funny. Try it out! Look at your current house, the house you grew up in, your friends' houses, your workplace, everything! So, so cool!!!

Here's the house we moved into when I was in the 9th grade. My family lived there until a few years ago when they moved to Colorado. See that tree on the right? It should be the same as the one on the left, but when I was in high school somebody (it wasn't me - really) drove through our yard and ran down that poor tree. It never has recovered!

These are the apartments John and I lived in when we first got married. We were there for about 14 months before moving to SA.

I can't show any other place just because of safety reasons, but it's just so stinking cool!


  1. hey la, my "new system" wiped out most of my email addresses!! (i hate technology today)

    cud u please send me an email w/your email address? thx

  2. At my parents' house, there is a tree that still looks sad from being run over when I was a child, too.

  3. my gosh... that is just crazy! i had to look up some of my old childhood homes as well. too bad it doesn't go international... not yet anyway...

  4. I love this feature! It is how we were looking at houses to buy while over here in Russia! Seriously, it gave us a better idea of the houses than some of the photos on the real estate sites. I love how you can "cruise" through the area online!

    I am enjoying catching up on all your post. Always a joy to read about your beautiful life!

    Love you!