Thursday, January 22, 2009

Primetime Thursday Night

Guess what I'm doing. The best night for tv and I'm watching a defensive driving dvd course. (wimper, wimper) I got a ticket a couple of months ago for not coming to a full and complete stop at a stop sign in a parking lot. Yes, I said a parking lot. It was not a happy day for me.

And this is not a happy night for me. I'm only blogging because the course makes you take breaks. The quizzes are so easy that I might take a nap during the next segment. Or maybe I'll put it on and then come to my bedroom and watch some of that great Thursday night tv! Yea!

Just kidding. I'm a good girl. I will go suffer some more on my couch. Think of me......


  1. i thought that parking lots were PRIVATE PROPERTY and you didnt have to stop unless it was a stop sign that was LEAVING the place???
    or did i misunderstand mitch bethune when he told me this????

  2. This was a stop sign where you exit the parking lot onto a little side street the leads to walmart.