Monday, March 30, 2009

Clearly, We Have a Problem

He found the freshly grilled steak his brother was about to eat.

We now have to keep the bunk bed ladder put away in the closet.

He found the remains from our cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning.

I promise I feed this child.

He decided to investigate Daddy's laptop and books.

Here he is trying to figure out how to scoot the chair out so he can get on the table.

He found his big brother's desk with the newest lego creation.

And by the way.....

the child still won't walk.


  1. He's too cute! Now that lila walks, we have nothing nice left in our house. Some stuff was broken, the rest was put away in fear it would be broken. Yesterday I found her on top of the rocking chair in her room reaching for her wall art! My heart nearly stopped.

    I feel sure Joshua will be most like little Julia!! haha

  2. Ca, too, learned to climb before he could walk. He's a little stinker, too.

  3. Wow, that is too funny! We have a climber here, too, but he did walk first. :)