Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pretty Shampoo Bottles

I really love pretty looking bottles and containers. It doesn't matter if it's going to be in a drawer or cabinet or closet or, in this case, the shower - I like pretty!

When I was given some nice (and expensive - youch!) shampoo and conditioner from Bath and Body Works I was a really happy girl. My shower looked classy. And even though I tried to ration it out and only allow my husband to wash his hair weekly, it didn't work. The bottles were soon empty. Boohooo!

I couldn't bear to throw them out. At the time, we were going to be moving into our newly remodeled "Piece", so I held on to them. As soon as we moved in, one of the first things I did was to pour much cheaper, yet perfectly acceptable shampoo and conditioner into those bottles. I was thrilled to place them in my shower! Now, whenever the bottles are empty, I just refill them again with whatever cheapo stuff I bought at Wally World. My wallet is happy and my eyes are happy too. And you can bet that I'll keep using these same old bottles until their sad little paper labels are falling off!

I have also been known to pour generic brand stuff out of it's ugly containers into my pretty name brand containers in my kitchen too. It's a sickness, really. (But as long as we're pointing fingers, my husband chooses his orange juice based on the pretty bottle - never mind that it costs almost twice as much! He'll deny it, but it's true.)

We heart pretty bottles. =)

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  1. oh my goodness this post is too cute and so me!! I heart pretty bottles too. I actually just saved my cute method dishwasher soap containers cause they are too adorable!


  2. I even peel the labels off my deodorant just because it looks so much nicer sitting there with no logos blaring - I am with you!

  3. I like pretty too. To keep the shower clutter down (we have 1 soap dish and that's it) I got a shower shampoo/soap/etc dispenser that hangs on the wall.

  4. I'm really sorry for your friends. I can't even imagine...

    And... You are sick, but I love you.

  5. to "pour" or to be "poor"

  6. Thank you, "Anonymous", for pointing out my spelling mistake. It has been corrected. Have a lovely day. =)