Thursday, March 05, 2009

Murphy's Law is Alive and Well

My whole day has been an exercise in proving the existence of Murphy's Law. I was most definitely not a willing participant. The day was filled with things like:

  • furious mopping immediately followed by one large bowl of Fruity Pebbles spilled by one 5 year soon as that was cleaned up there was a very leaky sippy cup that spewed lemonade everywhere
  • two freshly bathed babies that both decided to poo as soon as their bath was done - one was wearing a diaper and one was wearing panties. The one wearing panties actually pooed her pants twice tonight.
  • trying really hard to get dinner made but the 2 year old kept crawling in the fridge to get juice (even though I already gave her some) - I moved away from dinner to pull her out of the fridge and in the process burned the food and filled the house with smoke.
  • also in the process more juice spilled on the floor
  • during dinner we were serenaded with "heart and soul" on the piano by a visiting family member. i really don't like that song.
  • the baby was down in bed for the night but the girls decided to go in and turn on the light and get in the bed with him. he didn't go down again for quite a while
  • I opened the dryer door to take out the clothes and a little brown perfectly shaped ball fell out to the floor. I picked it up to see what it was - it was poo. Why? How? Who? What? When? I have no answers.
  • I desperately need and want a shower, but I think all the hot water is going to be gone. Everyone else in the family bathed tonight and the washer and the dishwasher have been going too.
  • The 2 year old just knocked down the ironing board and iron. It's 10:08. WHY are there children awake in my house???
  • watching American Idol and the dvr recording ended right before they announced the third wild card winner
  • it's 11:20 and there are STILL two little girls wide awake on their beds. they are also methodically stripping down layer by layer. (it's hot here!)
I told you. Murphy is mean, mean, mean.

On a better note:
  • John found the American Idol result online (they took four? crazy!)
  • brownies are in the oven (don't judge me - I earned it today - and yes, there will be ice cream and strawberries and hot fudge with my brownies)
  • there is enough hot water left for a shower
  • my 8 year old son is going to school in the morning. We need a break from each other. (have I mentioned that he has had strep throat this week? I waited in a community health clinic with all 4 kids for 2 hours to find that out yesterday)
  • I'm going to watch CSI while I eat my healthy late night snack (snicker, snicker) after I take a good hot shower.
Take that, Murphy!


  1. Wow. you need to investigate the brown ball in the dryer. :]

  2. I'm very impressed that you are able to deal with so much poo in so many random places!
    I think I'd just go crazy...
    Like, "Again?! Where is it all coming from?!"

  3. WOW! Your life is amazing! Oh to be a mom and have the precious interruptions like you do.

    Just wanted you to know that I keep track of you via blog and that I miss you.

    Been thinking of you a lot lately...must be the BIG day that's coming up.

    Love you tons! MUD

  4. I came to your site throught your comment on my blog, and I absolutely love reading your articles! What a fun, zany, life you have with your littles and you have such a great way of putting it all down that really makes me laugh! I've put you in my RSS feed and look forward to reading lots more from you! Thanks for stopping by to visit and giving me the opportunity to find your site! :)