Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Martha-ish Side Rethinks Things

I was raised to always, and I do mean always, make my bed. A clean house revolves around a made bed, right? This philosophy has always made sense to me and I'm a firm believer. Well, I was a firm believer. But like the title of this post says, my Martha-wanna-be-self is rethinking things.

I do love the way a made bed looks, no doubt about it. My day is much more productive and I'm generally in a better mood. And I used to think a made bed feels so much better to get into at night. And that's where the problem lies. I now think an already-slept-in bed is oh so much more comfortable to get in.

So do I:
  • not ever make my bed again (unless company is coming!) and enjoy the comfy feel of falling into it at night?
  • make my bed every morning as usual and then thrash about in the covers and with the pillows to simulate that slept in feel?
  • go with a weekday/weekend thing where I make the bed Monday-Friday and on Saturday-Sunday go all sloth like?
I found a list of 10 reasons to make your bed on another blog. Not really anything I didn't already know though.

Here are some stats for you:
  • 45% of people make their bed everyday
  • 50% of people make their bed occasionally
  • 5% of people never do
This is not a laziness thing for me, because seriously, you can make your bed in 2 minutes or less right? It's purely a comfort thing. But the experts seem to disagree with me. Those Zen and Feng Shui people say you will sleep much more restfully if you get into a neatly made bed.

I'm pretty certain that my neatness lovin' self will win out and the bed will continue to be made every day, but.......maybe I should sleep on it. ;)

What do you think?


  1. I only make my bed for three reasons.

    1) I have company coming over.
    2) I just washed my sheets.
    3) My bed is to messy.

    But I really can't stand my sheets tucked in, so for me it is pointless.

  2. well....i read somewhere..or heard somewhere...or something...that making the bed distributes the allergens and dust mites on the sheets and that you're better off not making the bed except when you change the sheets. i dunno. i vote for not making the bed! i don't make mine, though, so maybe i'm just looking for company.

  3. I love having my bed made. If the bed's made and the kitchen's clean, the whole house feels clean. I don't think it takes more than 2 minutes to make it. Tomorrow, I'll have to time it.

  4. If you could see my bed, you'd know why I don't make it. I sleep in a "nest" of 5 pillows--1 king size and 1 standard size down each side, and one to put my head on. Way too much effort to undo all that in the morning, then have to redo it every night. I do pull the covers up and straighten them, though. I have a lumpy bed.