Sunday, March 08, 2009

Some Links for your Sunday Afternoon Web Surfing Pleasure

"First Time and With a Cheerful Attitude, a Thought for Mothers" is from a blog that I have started reading. The author of this blog is quite conservative, so you may not agree with everything (though I find myself convicted many times!), but this post is, I believe, right on the money.

"Helping Hands and Tying Heartstrings"
is a wonderful post about raising our children to be helpful. I think we expect too little of our kids many times and they need us to expect more!

Tip Junkie is a fun blog to check out! It's always full of ideas, craft, tips, and demos. I would definitely spend more time there if I had more time to spend!

I was looking for a teriyaki chicken recipe the other day and came across this one. I didn't follow it exactly - I used teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce and I cooked it on our little George Foreman grill instead of the outside grill. I was concerned that I did something wrong when I saw the color and consistency of the marinade (it was a very light coffee color and it was sort of lumpy), but it turned out so good! VERY moist and tasty. I served it with rice (from my new rice cooker that I love!) stir fry vegetables. I think the whole idea of using mayo as part of a marinade has opened up a whole new cooking world for me! =)

I'm considering signing up for this online meal plan site. It's $5 a month and many blogger moms swear it has cut their grocery bill in half. What do you think?

And because all of our children need more toys, have fun drooling over this list of toys worth buying. I've had this bookmarked for awhile and used it before Christmas.

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  1. Posting this on your blog instead of on mine in the hopes that your husband will see it (if you don't delete it first!). ;-)

    Sleeping with a fan on makes me sick, too. He turns it on because he's hot, and then I spend the whole next day walking around with cold-like symptoms (in fact, I have them right now). He thinks I'm imagining it -- but I know how I feel when I sleep with a fan on and I know how I feel when I don't sleep with a fan on, and it's very, very real!

    (And he can't be satisfied with the ceiling fan -- he has to put a stand fan at the foot of the bed and blow it straight at his face.)

    We've been dealing with this for nearly 19 years and haven't come up with a solution yet -- either he's miserable all night or I'm miserable all night and then all day. (When you look at it that way, it's clear who should win out . . . but he refuses to look at it that way!) ;-)

    I repeat: I hate fans.

    Tell John he's not alone, and that Fan Induced Misery Syndrome (FIMS) is a very, very real condition . . . even if I just made it up right now.