Monday, October 06, 2008

Big Thieving Rat

John David and Julia both want to have their birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's this year. I thought, hmmm, why not? We'll combine their party, save money, have a great time, and they'll love me forever.

Then I went to the website to check their party prices. Sweet fancy Moses, as George Costanza would say.

So we're scratching the whole rat themed party to do something more along the lines of a fun party at the park. I just have to figure out how I'm going to tell my kids that.......


  1. we've had a couple of J's B-days where we just fix up goodie bags & a fancy cake and bring them in to his class at school, and that was his "party". He liked that ok. You'll get out the door for around $35.00 or less, depending on how many treats & party toys are in the goodie bags...

    this year, we just had some pizza & a couple of friends sleep over.

    I think next year, we're gonna try another sleep over & take the sleepover gang to the Corn Maze. (2 hrs of fun running around in the corn field - in the dark- yep, that's fun! lol)

    but good luck with that! i guess it'd be a little harder with a boy & a girl. lol

  2. Do a park party or something else and when we're there we can take them to see Chuck! :-)