Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's In My Blood

Yesterday I headed into Mardels (a super big Christian bookstore in case you've never heard of it) to look for a book I needed. To find this book I had to look first through all the youth and church ministry stuff and then finally over in the children's ministry area.

It was so hard to be in the middle of all of those things and not feel an overwhelming desire to be back in ministry. I'm telling you, it's in my blood. Not so much the youth stuff. I loved helping John with his stuff, but I mainly loved doing things with kids. Teaching them, pouring into them, training them, encouraging them, making them laugh, giving them hugs, listening to them, telling them we're having broccoli cake for a snack, playing games involving huge over sized underwear or plungers, sliming and pieing people, and so much more!

I know right now my job is to be Mommy. I love that too. But I really, really hope that one day God can use me again to share Him with children.

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