Monday, October 20, 2008

I forgot to tell you....

where I took the pictures of Joshua with the pumpkins. It was in the Walmart parking lot! They had pumpkins and hay bales set up as a big display and it looked like they wanted people to take pictures so I took them up on it. I was there anyway so it was a super easy photo session. =)

Speaking of Walmart though - I had my oil changed there today. I was not so impressed. I asked them to please replace my headlight that had gone out and the manager said he would tell them to do it. When I returned (after shopping for an hour with the three youngest monkeys), I paid and checked my paperwork which said all the various things had been checked. Filters, fluids, lights, tires, etc. But when I got to the car and checked the headlight, it was still out.

So that mechanic and I had to have a little talk. I explained how I no longer felt confident with their services if they say all these things have been checked, yet something very obvious is still wrong. The man fixed it for me (while the monkeys were hungry and crying, ready for lunch and a nap) and then said it was on the house. Well, I should think so. But I graciously thanked him several times anyway. I think my John Mayer cd was in the player when he drove the car and not a Hillsong worship one, but still. I wouldn't want to be a bad witness. hahaha.

I'm mostly just happy that my oil is changed, my registration and inspection is current, and my lights all work. That's a pretty productive day in my book!

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