Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Brownies For Me

There were no brownies in the house last night, but alas (I've always wanted to use that word on my blog so please don't make fun of me), there was the ever alluring pint of "Half Baked" ice cream in the freezer.

I had successfully kept the kids out of it all day so I felt I was deserving of its goodness once they were in bed. I'm not sure I was deserving of the whole pint's worth of goodness, but whatever. It was super good and my jeans still fit this morning just fine. My new jeans which are the size I was in before Julia was born, thank you very much.

John may be gone, but I still know how to have a great time with my good friends Ben and Jerry. Thanks guys, we'll have to do it again for sure....


  1. I thought you were looking extra hot in your pictures! I guess some people just have it!;)

  2. I finally lost all my baby weight 6 months after lila after extensive working out and eating right. You however, have 4 kids to run after, a part time job, a house to remodel, church, and several other activies.. Eat the whole pint Lori, kudos on the pre-julia pants!! :]

  3. good for you... i always eat the fro-yo half baked. you still get all the good stuff inside, but it's frozen yogurt (so less calories) you can't go wrong!