Friday, October 17, 2008

They're Baa--aaack!

All four monkeys are back at home again. Funny how big they always look after you haven't been with them for a few days. Aulora just held me and squeezed me and I think she may have even called me George (just kidding). She's not used to being away from Mommy for that long! Julia was full of hugs and kisses too, but she's an old pro at going off without us.

They had only been home for about 30 minutes when all of the following began:
  • I was cleaning up a spot on the floor from one girl-child who had an accident and shall remain nameless
  • I was also trying to keep Joshua away from the wet spot
  • John David announced that the toilet was overflowing
  • Daddy was trying to clean all of that up
  • Joshua was screaming because he wanted a bottle and bedtime but Mommy didn't have any more clean bottles and Aulora's milk was already in the last one
  • Aulora was throwing a fit because her clothes were being removed for jammy time. Her fit led to mild discipline which in turn led to her screaming even more and almost making herself throw up
  • Joshua was still screaming because Mommy still hadn't found a bottle. Daddy couldn't take it anymore so he held him while he was cleaning the bathroom.
  • Daddy went downstairs to get the mop for the bathroom and left John David to dry up the floor with some paper towels......but John David is curled around the base of the toilet on the still wet floor so he can reach back behind with his little piece of wadded up toilet paper. Can you say gross?
  • The boys finished cleaning up the mess and John David was put in the shower
  • A bottle was found for Joshua and he was put in bed (one down, three to go)
  • Aulora's fit subsided and she apologized to Mommy then went to bed (two down, two to go)
  • Julia's teeth and hair were brushed and she told me the name of her newest Build a Bear creation - Kristen Sullivan Care-a-lot Four Leaf Clover Bear. She repeated it over and over so I wouldn't forget. I guess it worked. I kissed her good night and tucked her in. (three down, one to go)
  • I got John David out of the shower and helped him put his jammies on. We then had to sing the "boom-boom-boom-boom" song and "God is Bigger than the Boogey Man" song. Finally, he was down too.

Can I go to bed now???

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  1. Sounds like you might be ready for another vacation.