Monday, October 13, 2008

Unloading My Camera

Good grief, I'm so behind. I really don't think I'll ever catch up on all the little things I've meant to blog about lately. I think I'm going to unleash a rainstorm of randomness while my pictures are loading....
  • Last night John David slept with me (John's gone right now) and we had some great cuddle time. Anytime I cuddle him, I have to wonder how many more times it will happen. There was no school today and it's been overcast all day so this morning we slept in until 9:00! Absolute heaven!!!
  • Both my girls are in Tulsa this week with Clay and Sandy. I miss them, but oh my goodness - do you have any idea what's it like to go from 4 kids to only 2? Especially when the 2 you have are the boys and only one of them talks. This house is so quiet!
  • I'm glad that the color we chose to paint our Piece is roughly the same color as the interior of our van, because if it wasn't, well, I might have green or red carpet and floor mats in there now. A gallon of paint is not a good thing to spill in your car. Thank you, Walmart.
  • Never buy your paint at Walmart.
  • I don't know how my husband is doing all that he does. He is working a lot, traveling to get to work a lot, preparing all of his law school applications (this is no small thing), writing all of the question sets for the Gold Cup quiz tournament again, tutoring LSAT students, working the "helpline" for the LSAT, and working on the Piece when he's home. I told him I didn't know how he was doing it and he said he just does whatever is most important right then and he doesn't worry about the rest. I guess that philosophy works until you have more than one really important thing and then you're just jacked up. Like, if I lived by that rule, there might come a day when one kid was dangling from the roof and another kid was setting the house on fire and I'm supposed to figure out which thing is more important at that very moment. (And in this hypothetical situation, we're assuming that the other two kids aren't into something, which I think we all know is pretty unlikely.) So I don't see how I could ever go for this way of thinking, but it works for him I guess.
  • Painting ceilings is a horrible, no fun way to spend the day. Lucky for me I only painted walls today.
  • Unlucky for me, I will paint ceilings tomorrow.
  • John David had to do his first school report tonight. It's due tomorrow, so in the spirit of Daddy's advice above, it wasn't the most important thing until the night before it was due! The report was on giant squid (he chose his own animal) and turned out quite nicely. I was remembering a fantastic report I did on the state of Texas when I was in the 5th grade. It was both a written and oral report and I went all out doing it because we lived in California at the time. I distinctly remember my mom telling me to go away and leave her alone because she was working on my report though. I got a great grade so I guess it was worth it! hahaha! It was quite tempting to do that with John David tonight. It would have been SO much faster.....but I didn't do it. Pat on my back.
  • My parents are coming in less than 3 weeks to visit!
  • Is anyone still reading this? I think my pictures are done loading - on to the picture show....

Aulora loves sunglasses, bags and purses, baby dolls, and her play stroller. I keep thinking she'll get tired of these things and move on, but every day it's the same thing. Too cute!

My girls are gone but guess what I found? A half eaten peanut butter cracker in the cabinet. Hmmmmm.....Someone didn't eat as much as I thought!

John David poses with the rat. Chuck E. looks like he's about to chomp his head off if you ask me.

Last night, John David wanted to take some pictures of us so here we are acting quite silly. I really shouldn't post such pictures of myself. Oh well.....

Awwww, I miss my girlies! This was taken at Olive Garden last week. Julia has the hardest time just smiling and keeping her eyes open nicely in a picture. She always does something weird. What a goofy monkey she is.....

Whew! That's all I've got. Maybe I'm caught up after all......

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  1. Men, I think, prioritize, women just multitask. You'd figure out a way to save both kids at the same time while John would have to choose.