Thursday, October 23, 2008

First Piano Lesson

Julia has been begging to take piano lessons and I whole heartedly wanted her to, so tonight we had our first one. (We tried yesterday, but the whole church nursery disaster happened and I spent the rest of our time before church trying to take care of that.)

She was so excited to learn and payed very careful attention to every little thing I told her. We learned how to sit and all the finger numbers. We went over quarter notes and half notes, bar lines and double bar lines. And then she played her first song called, "First March". She picked it up so fast and was even counting it out loud as she played.

As a piano teacher, I can usually tell you if a child has any musical talent pretty quickly. Some are awful, some are great, and some are just generally smart so they can pull it off. It was very clear within only a few minutes that this girl has music in her bones. Really.

I know John and I are both somewhat musical, but what we can do pales in comparison to what some of our parents and grandparents can (or could) do. It's so amazing to see my baby sitting there playing those notes so tenderly and perfectly. She was in her element......


  1. Ummm...
    I've heard your mother-in-law play. Can you say "amazing"?
    There's no doubt piano is in your daughter's future!